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Viewer Access Satellite Television

VAST Satellite TV Service: An Overview and Equipment Guide


In the vast expanse of the Australian landscape, terrestrial television broadcasting often falls short in its reach. To bridge this gap and ensure that everyone, no matter where they are located, gets access to consistent television content, the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service was established. Whether you're in the remote outback, traversing the coasts in a caravan, or simply living in an area with poor terrestrial reception, VAST ensures you're not left behind in the digital age.

What is VAST?

The Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) is an initiative by the Australian government to provide digital TV and radio services to viewers in remote and regional areas. Essentially, it mirrors the terrestrial service available in metropolitan areas, delivering free-to-air channels including ABC, SBS, and the commercial channels like Seven, Nine, and Ten.


The Australian landscape poses unique challenges for broadcast technologies. Hilly terrains, vast desert expanses, and densely wooded areas can interfere with the terrestrial broadcast signals. VAST fills in these coverage gaps, ensuring that every Australian household has access to quality television content.

Equipment Required for VAST

Individual components are listed below.  We also have complete kits available for homes and for travellers

Setting up VAST at your premises requires some specific equipment. Here's a breakdown:

1. Satellite Dish: The dish captures the satellite signal. Depending on your location in Australia, the size of the dish you'll need might vary. Generally, a dish between 65 cm to 85 cm is suitable for most regions.

2. VAST-certified Set-top Box: This is the device that decodes the satellite signal and sends it to your television. It's crucial to ensure that the set-top box is VAST-certified, as not every satellite receiver can decode the VAST signal.

3. Smart Card: A smart card is provided when you register for the VAST service. This card is inserted into the set-top box. It essentially tells the set-top box which channels you're authorized to access. Every VAST set-top box will have a slot for this card.

4. Cabling and Connectors: High-quality cabling is essential to connect the satellite dish to the set-top box. Given the potentially harsh weather conditions in some parts of Australia, ensure that the cabling is durable and suitable for outdoor use.

5. Television: Of course, you'll need a television to display the content! Most modern televisions will be compatible with VAST set-top boxes, but always check the compatibility before setup.

6. Optional Equipment: Depending on your setup, you might also need a roof mount for the dish, a satellite finder to help align the dish, and possibly a surge protector to safeguard your equipment against power fluctuations.


VAST ensures that everyone, regardless of their location in Australia, has access to consistent, high-quality television content. While the initial setup might require some investment in equipment and a bit of technical know-how, the benefits of reliable TV reception, especially in remote areas, are worth the effort. With the right equipment and setup, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, news, and education through the VAST satellite TV service.

If you already have a satellite system and are experiencing difficulties then have a look at our "Error Code" page HERE.

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