Common VAST Error Codes

E-50-32 No service available

This error is generally related to an incorrect setting within the VAST decoder OR lack of signal due to poor alignment.  Enter the INSTALLATION menu within the main menu and ensure that the LNB L.O frequency is set to 10.700.  In order to receive ALL services/channels on the VAST platform, a 10700 LNB is required.  When set to 10.700 ensure that you have at least 50% signal QUALITY on the screen and then perform a re-scan.

E48 - No signal

There are a few possibilities here.  Regardless, the decoder is not receiving signal from the dish.  This could be due to (in order of most likely):

  • The dish is not aligned correctly. You can check this by entering the INSTALLATION menu and ensuring you have adequate SIGNAL QUALITY.  The easiest way to check alignment is to use a digital satellite meter.
  • If you have a digital satellite meter that is programmed for the Optus C1/D3 that confirms you are aligned then your decoder settings are incorrect.  Enter the INSTALLATION menu and ensure that the LNB setting is set to 10700.  Also, perform a factory default to reset the default search frequency.
  • Check the skew of the LNB.  The LNB on the front of the dish should be rotated to the correct position for your area.
  • Faulty IF input connector.  The Altech UEC DSD4121 has a known weak solder connection where the screw in F female connector meets the board.  Ensure this is only hand tight. 


This isn't a message generated by the VAST decoder but rather by your TV.  Either your TV is on the wrong AV channel ie HDMI/composite/compnent etc OR the VAST decoder is on standy and displaying the time.


Have you activated your smartcard via the MySatTV website?  If so, did you activate it while your dish was receiving signal?  If not, re-align the dish and click HERE.

Has it been a while since you last used your system?  Use the link above to reactivate the channels. 

If you activated as a traveller, has it been more than 6 months since you last registered the card?  If so, call 1300 993 376 and speak to one of the VAST operators who will switch your card back on.

SatPlus use and recommend the SatKing and Humax decoder due to their reliability.