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Common VAST Error Codes

E-50-32 No service available:

In most cases, you will see this error when the user has pressed EXIT while the decoder is displaying the SEARCHING FOR SIGNAL message.  Simply press the RESET button on the front of the decoder (behind the smartcard door of Humax brand) and the decoder will return to the search screen.  If it remains on this screen then either the dish is not aligned OR the LNB settings within the menu are set wrong. 

Enter the INSTALLATION menu within the main menu and ensure that the LNB L.O frequency is set to 10.700.  In order to receive ALL services/channels on the VAST platform, a 10700 LNB is required.  When set to 10.700 ensure that you have at least 65% signal QUALITY on the screen and then perform a re-scan.

E48 - No signal:

There are a few possibilities here.  Regardless, the decoder is not receiving signal from the dish.  This could be due to (in order of most likely):

  • The dish is not aligned correctly. You can check this by entering the INSTALLATION menu and ensuring you have adequate SIGNAL QUALITY.  The easiest way to check alignment is to use a digital satellite meter.
  • If you have a digital satellite meter that is programmed for the Optus C1/D3 that confirms you are aligned then your decoder settings are incorrect.  Enter the INSTALLATION menu and ensure that the LNB setting is set to 10700.  Also, perform a factory default to reset the default search frequency.
  • Check the skew of the LNB.  The LNB on the front of the dish should be rotated to the correct position for your area.


This isn't a message generated by the VAST decoder but rather by your TV.  Either your TV is on the wrong AV channel ie HDMI/composite/component etc OR the VAST decoder is on standby and displaying the time.

E16, E19 or E30 messages:

With the box turned on and the E16, E19 or E30 message displayed, go to and click on DECODER REHIT.  Enter your smartcard number in the box (no spaces) and click on REHIT.  Then after 20 or so seconds, check to see if you have ABC and SBS working.  If so, now check a commercial channel.  If these aren't working then they have expired.  In this case, click on ENQUIRIES up the top right of their website and in the comments write in there that you forgot to renew your registration and you've lost your commercial channels and they'll switch back on within a day.  Be sure to give them your card number as well. 

Channel List Empty:

The channel list is stored on the card so if the box is not reading the card correctly, the channel database will be empty.  Press MENU and OK on SETTINGS then go to SYSTEM and press OK.  Move to INFORMATION and press OK.  Make sure the box is reading the card number. If not, pull the card out and re-insert with gold chip downwards and in first, repeat until the box shows the card number.  Now, press the power button on the front of the box for 5 seconds and it will restart and rescan the channels.

Only ABC & SBS Channels:

So you get ABC and SBS but no commercial channels.  That card must have been registered as a traveller.  So, go to and click on travellers renewal and enter your name and card number and submit  

LNB Short or LNB Overload:

If the box is displaying LNB overload, disconnect the satellite cable from the back of the box and restart the box and make sure it comes up with the searching screen and with no LNB error message, then connect one cable at a time to work out whether you have a short in the cable or a faulty LNB.  

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