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August Week 1 SatPlus Updates

August Week 1 SatPlus Updates

Hi guys and gals, 

Thought I'd start an update blog to keep our customers in the loop about product availability, updates and news.  


Just got back from the Toowoomba Caravan Show.  Numbers were definitely down, normally there are around 12 - 15 K people attending and although I don't have the exact numbers I'd guess maybe 8 - 10K.  Still pretty good considering the situation atm with Covid.  Everybody did the social distancing thing so all went well.  We're attending the Maryborough Show this month too.  This show starts 14th August and runs for 3 days.  It has always been an amazing show for us (second to the Brisbane Show) so fingers crossed it goes ahead and everyone does the right thing there.  Small business really is suffering, everyone is.  There is also the SE QLD Caravan Show on the 25th - 27th September but too far away to know how things will be by then.  Keeping everything crossed.

Maxview Connect

We're the national distributor of Maxview UK satellite systems and we're pleased to announce the arrival in September of the Maxview Connect Auto Satellite Systems.  These App controlled systems are made in the UK and are designed and developed by a very talented team from a company that have been in the industry since 1964 !  Maxview have been manufacturing automatic satellite dishes for years and although the Connect is their latest system, it is based on their own tried and proven mechanical design that has been sold all over Europe and used in temperature ranges from minus 10 degrees in Scotland to over 40 degrees in Spain and Portugal.  The Connect has been further enhanced for Australia and features GPS controlled LNB skew (rotational position of the LNB/amplifier on the front of the dish), 85cm full size dish reflector for Australia wide coverage and Australian software with the latest satellite data.  The alloy/steel gear system employed in these systems is bulletproof and the complete system is offered with a three year local warranty from SatPlus Australia.  Operation is incredibly simple - download the Maxview Satellite App on your phone and connect it to the bluetooth control box.  Then just press the search button and it'll lock on to the satellite in a few minutes.  Hit the close button when you're ready to head off to your next camp site and it'll close down to a low 17cm height off the roof - the lowest of any system in the world !  A big benefit too is that should the satellite operator (Optus) make any frequency changes to their broadcast, unlike most systems that would require a software update or at least a re-program, the Connect system updates via the App so your system will be up to date regardless.  Expected to be here around mid September 2020 - watch this space !  More information on the Connect system can be found on the Maxview UK website.

Maxview Crank Up

Coming on the same container as the Connect are the Maxview Crank Up dishes.  Similar to a roof mounted auto satellite dish in that it is fixed on the roof and folds down just like an auto system.  However, being a wind up system, direction and elevation are manually adjusted from inside the van.  A proven, reliable, mechanical product that never fails.  And at a price point that is roughly twice the cost of a portable kit, but half the price of an auto dish, it is affordable for most.  Contact us if you're interested and we'll notify you when they arrive.  You can view the Crank Up at this LINK.

Sphere Satellite Dishes

We've been receiving a lot of calls from people with Sphere Auto satellite dishes.  Most calls are relating to the Sphere not locking on to the satellite and spinning around until they eventually give up and close.  We believe there may have been a frequency change so the system is tryi9ng to lock on to something that is no longer there.  I haven't researched this entirely but I would suggest calling Coast RV - the national distributor and asking them if a software update can be made available (it may already be) and this can then be downloaded and installed into your control box via the SD card slot.  If I can get hold of the update I'll list it on the Sphere Update page.

Promax Availability

We've been out of stock of the popular Satking Promax satellite dish for quite sometime.   Satking have now received their delivery in Melbourne as of the 3rd August so we'll have stock available in the QLD store as of the 11th August.  SatPlus VIC already have stock so be sure to give Phil a call on 03 9772 8318 if you require one ASAP.  Very nice system than can be viewed here.

Thanks for reading and more updates next week.  Stay safe.



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