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Maxview Roam Testing

Maxview Roam Testing

Hi all,

The Maxview Roam is a 3G/4G/WIFI antenna/router kit designed to improve signal coverage in fringe network areas.   I've been given the task to test this unit right here in Queensland.

Test network: Telstra
Phone type: iPhone
Notes: Both iPhone and Roam router operate on Telstra network

Prior to hitting the road, I researched Telstra's network coverage maps and headed on out to the Kin Kin / Pomona area to see how well they worked. I found a rural dirt track and made a phone call to a colleague who could verify the quality of the call.  After a short while, the phone signal dropped out and this was confirmed by my phone indicating no network.  Just to be sure, I checked that I couldn't dial out and could not open a web page.  I also tried using WhatsApp to make a data call but the app returned a no internet error message.  I connected my phone to the Roam router via WIFI and within a minute or so, was then able to connect to the internet.  I then did a speedtest and this resulted in 3.5Mbps download speed and 1.2Mbps upload.  More than enough to browse the internet and send emails.  I then dialed my colleague via WhatsApp and he confirmed the call quality.  After this test, I then disconnected from the router and my phone displayed no network again.  Very impressive results indeed.  I went from having no ability to communicate whatsoever, to a reliable network connection and could connect to the outside world.  For the test, the Roam antenna was temporarily placed on top of my rear swing up door on the demonstration trailer and this was only at a height of around 1.8m.  There is no doubt that if the antenna was installed properly on the roof of my trailer at full height of 2.2m then performance would be even better.  And, if installed on the roof of a full size van then better again.  Very impressive results indeed. We'll definitely be installing one permanently on the trailer so we can demonstrate its performance at the many caravan shows we attend.

We expect to have the Roam systems here in Australia around the end of September 2020. 

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  • Graham Murray
    Graham Murray

    John, In connecting you iPhone to the Roam router were you using an activated telstra sim in the router or the hotspot on the phone to be able to connect wifi and the voice call? Where would the data be sourced from- Roam device or iPhone.

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