Solar powered exhaust fan for shed

Solar powered exhaust fan for sheds and garages

How hot is it in your Australian shed?  We all know what it's like to work inside a metal shed during the Australian summer. Even in winter months, the temperature can reach 35 to 40 degrees inside a metal shed.  Sure, a fan will help to circulate air and a whirly bird will work even better by drawing out the hot air.  However, the efficiency of a whirly bird is quite poor when compared to a powerful Solar fan like our Solarking Solar Exhaust fan

The Solarking solar air extraction fan works by extracting the hot air from inside the shed and replacing that hot air with cooler air from outside.  And it does this extrenly well due to its powerful motor and 5 blade fan.  When the sun is out the solar panel powers the motor and the extraction of air begins.  The Solarking solar ventilation fan can extract up to 20 times more air per hour than a standard whirly bird cooling your shed and at NO CHARGE to you. 

We suggest installing a few external eaves or wall vents around the shed (preferably in the shadier sides (North and south sides) to assist with the air flow.  See diagram below:

Solar roof ventilation




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