MiniMax Pay TV Foxtel Austar Mobile Satellite Kit


Satellite dishes come in various forms and designs but essentially can be broken down into two categories:
  • Tripod mounted dish
  • Integrated base stand

The MiniMax has an integrated base stand and does not require a separate tripod.  It simply hinges open and sits on its triangular base on the ground.  This keeps the weight down and setup time is quicker too. 



It's important to know which decoder you have so that we can supply the right package.  A standard pay TV decoder which cannot record will work fine with the standard inclusions in this system so no need to make any changes at all - choose the option "I have the standard pay TV decoder".

If you have the Foxtel IQ or MyStar decoder (ability to record programs), you will require the LNB (on the end of the dish) to be upgraded to a twin output version as these decoders required two cable inputs.  As part of this upgrade, we'll include a twin 10m external coaxial cable, a twin Eziplate weatherproof entry plate and twin internal 1m coaxial cables.  Choose the option "I have the MyStar or Foxtel IQ decoder" from the options on the previous page"



Most customers prefer a self powered handheld meter which enables them to setup the dish with only the meter connected.  This eliminates the need to connect the coaxial cable from the van during the line up stage.  Our 3240 handheld digital satellite meter is rechargeable and super sensitive too.  So when you're moving the dish while searching for the satellite, the 3240 will slowly beep when weak satellite signal is being received then get faster as you fine tune for maximum signal.  Super easy to operate too, simply flick the slide switch on the top and the 3240 will go straight to the search screen.  As soon as you 'hit' the satellite, the meter will display SAT FOUND, showing SIGNAL QUALITY as a percentage measurement and will also beep to alert you.  Then, when fine tuned for maximum signal, simply switch it back off.  With a full charge, you can expect around 4 hours of power.  Comes complete with a power pack recharger, basic compass and instructions.  We have a sample video HERE of the 3240 meter.  Programmed for the Foxtel / Austar satellite service so you'll find the right satellite everytime.


This is a screenshot of the meter when first turned on.  We have modified the software so that it starts up and goes straight to the alignment screen. Notice no SIGNAL QUALITY and the NO SAT label.

UPDATE:  13/02/15 New software with big bold easy to read signal bars.

When connected to our dish and aligned correctly you'll see the SIGNAL QUALITY is high and the label now reads SAT FOUND....easy.  Visit our YouTube channel to view a demonstration video on the ClearSat 3240.


Supplied as standard, RG6 quad shield cable @ 10 metre length.  This is to connect from your satellite dish to the caravan wallplate.  Our cable is professional grade as used by pay TV installers.  Each end is fitted with weatherproof compression fittings by us.  As we also fit our dishes with a short coaxial cable used to connect the meter, we include cable joiners for when the meter has been removed.  If you've chosen the MyStar or IQ option above then a twin, siamese coaxial cable will be supplied.  This is 10 metres in length and is two cables in one.


You'll need a way to connect that external coaxial cable in through your van wall.  The EziPlate can adjust to wall thickness up to 35mm and is a direct, no loss connection from outside to in.  You may already have something similar but unless it is a direct connection from outside to in with no joins or splitter in between then it will not work. This is now a standard inclusion and comes complete with internal 1.0m coaxial cable.

If you've chosen the Foxtel IQ or MyStar decoder option from above, we'll include the EziPlate TWIN. You'll also get the twin 1.0m siamese internal cable too. 


A concise TravelSat manual is included to guide you through the alignment process and we're here 40 hours per week for support if you need us.

To summarise, you'll have your dish out on the grass and your finder connected to the dish, cables from the dish to the wallplate then from the wallplate to the pay TV decoder.  Remember to bring your power and AV cables from home and don't forget the remote control either !

Pay TV while on the move...nobody does it better than SatPlus Australia.