SatPlus VIC will be closed from the 15th of December until the 8th of January.  SatPlus QLD will be closed from the 22nd of December and will reopen on the 8th of January.  All orders between the 15th and 22nd of December will be shipped via the QLD store.

Customer Gallery



Greg travelled through Alice Springs with his Maxview Crank Up


Paul's Winnebago fitted with Maxview Crank Up Satellite System.

Paul with his fibreglass, fold in half, Optima75G dish set up at Leichhardt Falls.

Brad travelled extensively throughout Australia with his Optima75T.

Lesley and I went for a walk down the beach and couldn't help but notice this serious offroad Kedron at Cottontree Caravan Park with the Optima75 dish aligned and in service.  Great to see our products out there and no doubt this van will be heading to remote areas where he'll need his dish for satellite TV service.

Maxview B2590/85AU Crank Up Dish

Merv and his wife showing off the new addition to their Volvo bus - a Maxview B2590/85AU Crank UP satellite dish.  Merv installed this himself.  Another happy customer.

Another happy customer with their Maxview Crank Up 

Maxview Crank UP B2590/85AU Crank Up Satellite Dish

 Jeff and Narelle have been touring with their Otron van for the last ten months with their Maxview Crank Up roof mounted system.

A Maxview Crank Up being installed at our shop

Installation of the Maxview Crank Up on Dieter's Isuzu 4WD Offroad Camper.