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NEW! Campere Lithium Battery Range

NEW! Campere Lithium Battery Range

Campere Batteries are available in different capacities to suit your application. Whether you're powering a few LED lights, running a camping fridge or even powering a remote holiday getaway, we have the right capacity lithium LiFePo4 battery for you. Currently offered in 100AH, 120AH, 150AH and a huge 200AH, our lithium batteries are packed with the technology that not only gets the job done but keeps getting it done time and time again.

All Campere lithium batteries feature heavy duty BMS circuitry inside the battery casing.  The BMS looks after the battery by monitoring the incoming charge voltage and the discharge voltage as well as temperature cut off in the unlikely event that the pack runs too hot. The BMS will also protect your Campere battery by switching off the voltage output if the capacity reduces to 20% or less.  This prevents cell damage and can be reset and charged back up to an acceptable state of charge.

There is no need to change over your charger or controller to a lithium charger as the BMS looks after the battery by protecting it from under and over-voltage so swapping over is as simple as disconnecting your old battery and replacing it with a new Campere lithium battery.  The benefit however of having a lithium specific charger is that the battery will be returned to a full state of charge faster and more efficiently.

View our full range of Campere Batteries here

Campere Batteries

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