Maxview Crank Up LNB

Posted on December 22, 2016 by SatPlus Australia | 0 comments

The Maxview Crank Up satellite systems were supplied as standard with a Maxview twin output LNB.  Several customers have reported signal issues with these LNB's.  Aside from an increased rate of failure, some LNB's show erratic signal levels when the satellite is found. This causes pixelation on the TV screen and is unwatchable. 

If you have one of these LNB's on your dish AND you are experiencing signal dropouts and pixelation, please call us and we will replace this immediately (easy user installation) with a new ClearSat model at no cost to you regardless of purchase date.  Please note that all Maxview Crank Up systems sold after October 2016 will have the new LNB fitted.

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