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Lithium batteries with onboard BMS

Lithium batteries with onboard BMS

Our SolarKing 100AH batteries now feature an onboard battery management system or BMS built into the casing.  This means that a lithium specific charger or regulator is no longer required when installing one of these lithium batteries in place of an older, deep cycle battery such as AGM. 

If you have a solar setup comprising of solar panels on the roof, a solar regulator in between and deep cycle lead acid or AGM batteries in the van and you wish to change to lithium, it is, in most cases, now a simple battery swapover. 

A lithium battery can supply full power to 20% capacity unlike deep cycle at only 50 ~ 60 % capacity. Furthermore, the recovery time to full charge is quicker than a deep cycle.  As a general rule, one lithium battery can replace two deep cycle batteries and at less than half the weight, there are fuel savings to consider too. 

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