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  • HI, I am looking at buying the Maxview Precision Dish Kit and the 22" VAST integrated tv. To "future proof" the installation I am also looking at getting the twin cables,twin eziplate upgrade for the following scenario. With the twin cable and connections setup, I would like to use one connection from the sat to connect to the VAST TV and tune in and use the sat to watch VAST TV channels and the second connection from the sat to connect to a standard pay TV (Foxtel) box. I will then connect the foxtel box to the TV as normal ( using RCA connection) and I will then be able to watch Foxtel channels as well as VAST channels on the TV by changing the TV Source. Can you confirm if this is correct please?

    Hi Steve,

    Yes, that will work fine. Just click the upgrade option when you order.

    I will look out for your order and throw in an extra single cable too. This will make it a bit easier if you sometimes want to use it just for VAST or Foxtel on their own.