SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish

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SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish
SatKing Promax Automatic Sat Dish




The SatKing Promax is a fully automatic satellite dish system that offers similar performance to a traditional roof mounted satellite dish.  Rather than use a reflector to bounce the signal back to the LNB amplifier on the front, like a traditional dish, the Promax utilises an array of internal antennas that increase the gain then feed the signal to the internal LNB.  This reception method has several benefits over a traditional dish:

  • Minimal wind load when in use reducing stress on the gearbox
  • Smaller footprint on the roof - fits on a 600 x 600 area
  • No LNB to foul on obstacles such as air conditioners or vents

Fully automatic in every way, the SatKing Promax satellite system will lock onto the satellite within a couple of minutes.  With the press of  two buttons the system will deploy and seek the strongest signal by fine tuning itself for maximum signal.  The new control box (IDU) features a digital display so just select your satellite (Optus D3/C1) and press OK.


SatKing Promax

Featuring a twin output LNB, the SatKing Promax motorised satellite antenna is suitable for use with VAST, Foxtel (standard and IQ) as well as Austar (standard and MyStar) boxes.  

An added feature of the Promax is built in GPS.  The GPS unit not only enhances the search ability but also closes the dish to the home position should you drive off and forget to close it.  The motorised dish will automatically retract once the vehicle is travelling above 10Kph (the unit does require 12v or 24v power).

Rugged build quality and steel gearbox and backed with a 3 year Australian warranty. The unit is made in Korea which is well known for producing high quality, high tech products.

The SatKing ProMax comes with detailed instructions for self installation or we can arrange professional installation - please email us and we may be able to suggest a local installer.  In Melbourne and on the Sunshine Coast we have recommended installers available so please call.   You may wish to have the SatKing ProMax as standard equipment when you order your van, let your dealer know and we can ship direct to the manufacturer or dealer.

Peace of mind, this unit is supported by SatPlus and we can assist with your initial set up and support you may require.  We've been in business since 2006 and have a sold reputation for exceptional customer service.


  • Fully automatic self aligning
  • Pre-Programmed to receive VAST and Foxtel/Austar
  • Flat panel design offers compact size with big performance
  • Dual output LNB as standard to suit twin tuner STB’s
  • Built in GPS to find satellites fast
  • Last position memory to save on search times
  • Suitable for Caravan, motorhome, motor vehicle and camping use
  • Automatic retraction upon vehicle start up or you exceed 10KPH
  • Automatic LNB skew
  • Powerful DC motor with metal gears
  • Can be self installed, detailed instructions and roof mount included
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Made for harsh Australian conditions
  • Made and designed in Korea


Based on the EIRP (power level) maps from Optus, we have drawn up our own Promax coverage map showing high signal areas and low signal areas.  The high signal area may be greater due to favourable weather conditions on the day.  These maps are a general guide only and SatPlus will not be held liable or responsible if the Promax does not work in these stated coverage areas.

Optus Satellite Coverage Map

DARK GREEN - Good Coverage Area - expect to receive all Foxtel and VAST channels with good signal margin.

LIGHT GREEN - Average Coverage Area - expect to receive most Foxtel and VAST channels with reduced signal margin.  There are possibly areas within this average coverage zone where reception may not be possible.



Physical specifications:  520mm x 600mm x 246mm
Weight: 18.5KG
Operating temp range: -30 degrees C to +60 degrees C
Elevation: 5 to 90 degrees
Azimuth 390 degrees
Search Time: 120 seconds (average)
Last Position Search Time - 20 seconds (average)
Power: 12 or 24VDC
Power Consumption: 84 watts in search mode


  • 1 x Flat antenna
  • 1 x Vehicle roof mounting kit
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x DC Power cable
  • 1 x Instruction booklet




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