Analog AV Modulator

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Analog AV Modulator
Analog AV Modulator

Quality modulator that has adjustable (agile) UHF output so you can mix the AV input signal from a DVD, Satellite decoder, VCR or any other AV source with off the air TV signals from your antenna without any interference. This unit even features gain control for the Video and Audio so you can match the audio level so all channels on your TV are the same volume.  F type connections are standard on this unit.


  • Analogue output
  • Adjustable channel output
  • Audio level adjustment
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Loop output for multi modulator installations
  • Wall mountable
  • LED display

This modulator is used to convert an AV composite signal (yellow, white, red) into an RF signal that can then be distributed via coaxial cable.

Category: Modulators

Type: Modulator

Vendor: SatKing

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