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Solar Roof Ventilation Fans

Solar Roof Ventilation Fans
"For the last few years, every day when I got home from work, I'd switch the air con on, turn on the ceiling fans, open the windows in the bedrooms for a little while to try to exhaust some of the heat in the house.  Even in the evenings, when it was cooler outside, the house was still hot in the bedrooms and kitchen where the air conditioner had no effect.  Spoke to the guys at SatPlus and they explained that most of the heat is sealed inside the roof space.  With this heat sealed inside the roof, the house would stay hot until later in the night and through the night at times. So, I installed one of these solar roof fans on one side of the house.  Next day after work, when I got home, what a difference.  The laundry which was usually super hot, was now only mildly warm and one of the bedrooms which was unbearable to sleep in was now quite comfortable.  What a difference the solar fan has made and we'll be installing another one on the other side which will help cool that side of the house too. Feel free to use this as a testimonial, thanks - Mark"

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  • Ali Yesilyurt
    Ali Yesilyurt

    How do you stop these working in winter so you don’t lose the heat. Is it via remote control. Is it very loud? How much would it cost for a single story colorbond roof?

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