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NEW! SatPlus 4921 Integrated TV Bracket

NEW! SatPlus 4921 Integrated TV Bracket

Not sure if you have space to mount your new Altech VAST box?  Want to keep the installation clean and tidy from messy cabling?  You take the TV off the TV support bracket while travelling anyway so why not have the Altech VAST box mounted permanently on the back of the TV?  What a great integrated solution.

Our SatPlus  4921 integrated TV bracket is the perfect solution that:

  • keeps the decoder protected at the back of the TV while travelling
  •  offers a discreet mounting option
  • integrates the box into the TV
  • fits all 15 - 24" TV's with 75mm or 100mm VESA mounting holes
  • can be rotated to suit all brands of TV depending on the TV connection socket positions
  • utilising the 4921 IR sensor, decoder operations are controlled by pointing the remote control at the sensor eye on the front of the TV
  • minimises cable connect/disconnect.  Only the sat feed and DC power cable need to be unplugged when packing up (requires our 600mm HDMI cable, quick connect sat feed cable and connectors, IR sensor and DC splitter cable pack)
  • provides an ideal mounting option when there is no other alternative
  • looks aesthetically better

    Note that our Discreet Cabling Pack will be made available shortly.  

    Proudly designed & manufactured in Queensland.


    SatPlus 4921 TV Bracket
    SatPlus 4921 TV Bracket
    SatPlus 4921 TV Bracket
    SatPlus 4921 TV Bracket

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