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Introducing the SatPlus Reach 360 - Caravan WIFI RV Internet Antenna and 12V router for 3G / 4G reception in Australia

Introducing the SatPlus Reach 360 - Caravan WIFI RV Internet Antenna and 12V router for 3G / 4G reception in Australia

RV Wifi 3G 4G Internet while travelling Australia - Vastly improve your coverage while travelling in a caravan or motorhome.  This Australian WIFI for caravans kit works with any network including Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone and more. Telstra WIFI for caravans and Optus WIFI for caravans is possible using our 3G / 4G caravan WIFI system.  Reach 360 - best caravan WIFI kit for travellers.

Most of us connect to a modem or router at home wirelessly using our phones, iPads, computers and smart TV's.  And, with a strong signal coming into the home modem either via cable, wireless or satellite, this is a reliable means of connecting to the internet. 

In a caravan, everything changes -we're limited to (in most cases) a wireless signal from a nearby mobile phone tower.  And not only can the signal be weak due to distance from the tower, power output of the tower and terrain over which the signal needs to travel, but is also hindered by the tiny little antenna built into your mobile phone that is doing its best to receive and transmit that data.  In a country as large as Australia, this is definitely challenging and one of the few solutions to resolving this is to improve the overall design of the antenna, place it in a high position and match the antenna up to a high performance router that is able to lock on to extremely weak signals.  This in turn will hopefully improve the connection enough to make it usable for connecting to the internet and sending and receiving data in weaker signal areas.

Meet the Reach 360.  A high gain, omni-directional antenna that exceeds the performance of most competitors due to the attention to detail of the design of this high gain antenna.  Matched to an industrial, bullet proof, high sensitivity router from Teltonika -a leading edge company that focuses on researching and developing some of the most robust network equipment and you'll be connected when others can't .

View the Reach 360 range here

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