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Fitting A Maxview Crank Up On An Active Campers Rover Slide On

Fitting A Maxview Crank Up On An Active Campers Rover Slide On

One of our customers Dirk wasn't put off by the challenge of mounting a Maxview Crank Up roof mounted system on his curved roof Active Camper.  

Dirk sent us some photos and info on how he achieved this. Have a read below:

Initial observations:

  • The Rover camper has a curved (aprox 7m radius) and sloping roof when raised.
  • The mounting of the satellite dish base is designed for a flat horizontal roof so rotating azimuth does not create a strange arc across the sky.
  • The internal winder is designed to be mounted at 90 deg to the winder shaft between the internal winder and the dish base.
Maxview Crank Up Satellite Dish

This means that some sort of wedge style spacer is needed between the external camper roof and the satellite base. An additional wedge in the opposite direction is required between the internal camper roof and the internal winder mechanism.

While the wedge spacers could be manufactured by many possible methods (wood, metal, fibreglass etc) I decided that I would dust off the 3D printer I had and make the required wedges using that.

Maxview Crank Up

Using a straight edge and a Vernier calliper I was able to measure at 1cm increments the approximate curve and wedge shape to create a horizontal top surface for the antenna base to be mounted onto. The required wedge designs were done in SketchUP. One small problem is that I needed a wedge disk of about 440mm dia, but my 3D printer could only print a 200mm x 200mm object. So the large wedge was designed as six partial wedges with a central ring to provide a flat surface for the sealing foam ring on the antenna base. Wedge washers for inside the camper were also printed. 

Maxview Crank Up
3D Printing of the thinnest wedge 
Maxview Crank Up
Test fit of wedges and ring. 
Maxview Crank Up
Roof wedge fitted to camper roof. 
Maxview Crank Up
Internal winder mounted on its wedge and wedge washers for antenna mounting bolts. 
Maxview Crank Up
3D printed cable covers. 
Maxview Crank Up

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