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Change of frequency on ClearSat 3239 and Satking SK500

Change of frequency on ClearSat 3239 and Satking SK500

If you purchased a ClearSat 3239 or Satking SK500 meter over the last 2 years, a recent frequency change on the Optus D3 satellite may prevent your  meter from showing signal quality.  When the unit starts up, press OK on FIND SATELLITE and if your settings are as below then you will need to make a slight change.  If your settings are different then you can ignore this post.

Freq ~ 12011
Symbol rate ~ 27800
Polarity ~ V

If your settings are different to the above then you can ignore this post. If they match above then do the following:

Move to Freq by pressing the down button and highlight it.  Press OK and this will highlight the number 1 of 12011.  Press the right arrow and move to third number 0.  Press the up or down button to change the 0 to 1.  Press the right arrow to the fourth number 1 and using the up or down arrow, change this to a 3.  Now change the last number to a 6.  This should now read 12136.  Press EXIT once and the entire number will be highlighted. Now press EXIT again and the unit will display "data has changed press OK to save".  Press OK and your meter is now ready for use.


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