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Solar ventilation exhaust extraction fan

How a solar ventilation extraction fan can help you.

Temperatures in Australia continue to get hotter and electricity costs continue to increase.  On average, your air conditioner accounts for 40% of your total power bill during the summer months and with temperatures outside of 35 - 45 degrees, it really needs to be on for most of the day.  Insulation in the walls and roof cavity will certainly help to reduce the the core temperature inside but one of the major issues is the build up of heat within the roof space and how this heat radiates through the ceiling.  A roof space in Australia can reach temperatures of between 60 and 70 degrees in the summer !  Sure, you could install a whirly bird style extraction fan and it will certainly help but these mechanical fans only operate in a breeze and their efficiency is rather poor when compared to our Solar Wall Extraction Fans and Solar Roof Extraction Fans.  A whirly bird will extract on average 100 Cubic metres (CBM) or air per hour while our Solar roof and wall fans will extract a massive 2100 CBM per hour. That's more than 20 times more efficient !  Furthermore, our Solar extraction fans will only operate when the sun is out and when the roof space temperature is above 25 degrees celsius. 

Our solar exhaust fan works by extracting the hot air from inside the roof space and pulling cooler in from the gaps in the roof, under the eaves, through the shower vents and any other vents or openings.  You'll not only cool down the air inside the roof, you'll also remove moisture in the roof caused by the steam from your showers and therefore reduce the chance of timber rot in the roof space. 

Typical applications for our solar ventilation fan are:

Commercial buildings, offices, factories, barns, sheds, animal shelters, stables, holiday homes, residential homes, aged care facilities etc

There are so many benefits from installing our solar roof ventilation fans.

REDUCED USAGE OF YOUR AIR CONDITIONER - Most of set our air conditioner to around 23 degrees.  In summer, for most of the day, the air conditioner will be working all day, battling to maintain this temperature.  Your Solar ventilation fan will work with your air conditioner and remove all of that hot air from inside the roof space and therefore reduce the radiated heat coming from the ceiling.  This will result in a cooler home and your air conditioner usage will reduce.

BETTER THAN A WHIRLYBIRD - A whirlybird will help to exhaust some of the hot air from your roof but due to the fairly low volume, during summer the air is rapidly heated up again.  Our Solar ventilation exhaust fan can exhaust 20 times that amount of air and at zero cost as the motor is powered by the attached solar panel.

ROOF SPACE HEAT REDUCTION - During summer, a tin or tiled roof space can reach temperatures up to 65 degrees.  Our Solar extraction fan can reduce this temperature by up to 30 degrees making your home much more comfortable to be in.

SOLAR POWERED - There are no running costs associated with our solar roof fans.  The solar panel converts the solar energy to electrical energy and power the motor which drives the fan. 

WARMER IN WINTER - Unlike a whirly bird which operates under a slight breeze and generally spins all year round, our solar powered roof ventilation fans only operate when the roof space temperature exceeds 25 degrees celsius by way of thermostatic control. This means when you are heating your home, the warmer air inside the roof space will remain there and assist in maintaining the house core temperature as the solar fan will remain switched off.  Warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR - All of our fans are fitted with a high quality, brushless, DC motor with double shielded ball bearings that will provide years of quiet, trouble free operation and require no maintenance.

SUITABLE FOR COASTAL AREAS - The unit is constructed from Aluminium Top Cover, Aluminium Body and Stainless Steel Fasteners and is powdercoated.


 Want to know how to install one of our Solarking air extraction fans?  Click HERE





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