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How to install a KU band H to H motor. pdf.jpg

Link to a satellite elevation calculator. 


VAST high definition Australian free to air satellite TV information.

Recent frequency changes affect the SF3239 satellite meter.

Click HERE for instructions on reprogramming your SF3239 for VAST

ABC and SBS channels on VAST have been moved to a lower frequency that is outside the range of many LNB's (amplifier/downconverter on end of the dish arm).  In order to receive ABC and SBS channels, a 10.700GHz LNB is required.  When purchased from our site we also include instructions on how to change the settings within your VAST decoder to match up with the new LNB.


As part of the digital switchover, VAST satellite TV now offers viewers in poor TV reception areas including remote Australia and regional areas in South Australia and Victoria, the full range of digital TV channels previously only available to those living within range of a digital TV transmitter.  All you need is a satellite dish and VAST decoder with smartcard.  To find out if you are eligible to apply, visit www.mysattv.com.au then click on the Satellite Decoder Registration button on the top right.  This will take you to the Digital Ready website.  Type in your address into the address bar and click on go.  Then click on Satellite Eligibility to see if you are eligible for VAST.


Travellers can gain full access to the VAST service and the process has been made incredibly simple.  Visit http://www.mysattv.com.au/travellers.aspx and fill out the form.  Activation of your smartcard can take up to 48hrs (business hours) so be patient.  You can choose to leave your system switched on with the satellite dish pointed and wait for the acvtivation to come through.  Otherwise, do the activation online (no need to set up your dish at this stage), allow 48 hrs to pass, setup your dish and decoder, then visit www.mysattv.com.au and go to TROUBLESHOOTING.  Click on the REHIT link and providing MySatTV have processed you application, your smartcard will become active and all channels will now be running.

UPDATE: Those living in rural and remote parts of WA who have a current Aurora smartcard that is registered to that property address for permanent access to GWN and WIN, can now access the VAST service.  An interim service (WA only) will be provided on the VAST platform that includes ABC1, ABC2, ABC NEWS24, SBS1, SBS2, GWN, WIN and Ten West.  Later in the year the additional digital channels will be made available through the WA VAST service and the VAST decoder will update automatically.


Aurora switch Off.  ATTENTION all Aurora satellite TV viewers.  On the 10th December 2013, Aurora will be switched off FOREVER.  Please read this LINK on what equipment changes are required.


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Satellite TV programming information


Download a PDF document that lists many of the international free to air channels available on most satellites from within Australia.  pdf.jpg

A satellite TV primer in PDF format.  pdf.jpg

Information on free to air satellites and channels. pdf.jpg