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Caravan Satellite Kits and Satellite TV for homes.

Site last updated on the 24th November 2014.

TravelSat SP75 Mobile portable satellite dish for caravans
Solar Panels for Caravans
Mobile Broadband Internet Antennas


SatPlus Australia are specialists in caravan satellite TV kits and mobile satellite TV systems, sat phones, solar RV systems and broadband mobile antennas. When you call us, you speak to someone who can answer all of your questions.  You'll speak to a technician who will listen to you and only recommend the right products. 

You've heard everyone blowing their trumpet declaring "we sell the best" and "voted Australia's best satellite TV kit"?  I didn't know there was such a category.   Another advertisement we read "was $799 now $199" . If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

At SatPlus, we believe in offering our customers the absolute best in equipment and service.  We can offer a custom designed satellite kit that is tailored to your budget and requirements.  We manufacture our own fibreglass dishes, we custom design our tripods (wait ill you see the new version) and we design our own software for our digital meters.  So yes, we are blowing our own trumpet too but that's because we're passionate and spend more on research and development than any other dedicated satellite retailer out there.  So, call us and get the best system available.  Why not pop in and see us so we can offer a demonstration too.  Furthermore, whether it's a satellite kit, satellite phone, home satellite system or just a meter, our reputation says it all and you can rely on us for technical support 5 days per week. 

Call our Queensland or Victoria office now to find out how you can benefit from our products.

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Solarking folding solar panels

Check out our prices on folding solar panels, batteries, inverters and low voltage cabling.  Click on the link above.

Super special prices on our travellers caravan satellite TV kits!  $100 off.  Click on the Satellite TV Systems link above to find out more.


Latest travellers meter - The ultimate ClearSat 3240 - Designed for VAST and HD ready.