SolarKing 120 Watt Folding Solar Panel

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SolarKing 120 Watt Folding Solar Panel
SolarKing 120 Watt Folding Solar Panel

These SolarKing 120w folding solar panels are intended for campers to track the sun and maximise power input to your battery.  You can expect to charge at the rate of 5 - 6 amps on average per hour but maximum rating in perfect sunny conditions is 6.67 Amps. 

Tracking is made easier with the SolarKIng 120 watt folding solar panels as they feature telescopic legs that adjust to the angle of the sun. 

Ten AMP MPPT regulator is included.  Three stage charging maintains battery life in a fully charged state while protecting it from over charge and solar discharge. The MPPT technology adjusts voltage and amperage to provide optimium output. The unit also has a 4 stage battery level indicator.

A 5 metre cable with anderson plugs and alligator clips is included for simple, easy connection to your battery.


The SolarKIng 120 watt folding solar panels are constructed using 35mm aluminium profile to form a very strong frame and each corner has a riveted plastic protector.  When folded you can use the large carry handle while packing or setting up.  3mm tempered glass protects the silicon cells below and the glass is shockproof making them perfectly suited to the RV market.  A padded bag is included for easy transport and the longer shoulder straps make it much easier to carry.

This folding solar panel has had many years of development by SolarKing's local team in Australia. We have continued to refine and add more features to this package. With this unit you won’t find skinny tube type support legs that collapse on the ground. You also wont find the less durable 23mm frame that supports the solar cells and plastic clip on corners that simply fall off. The unit has the latest MPPT regulator and now fitted as standard with an Anderson plug. This package is certainly market leading.

  • 120 maximum power
  • Max power voltage - 18 volts
  • Max power current - 6.67A
  • Open circuit voltage - 21.6V
  • Short circuit current - 7.2A
  • Solar cell type - monocrystalline
  • Folded dimensions - 790 x 544 x 75mm
  • Weight - 13KG

Category: Solar

Type: Solar Panels

Vendor: SolarKing

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