Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit

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Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit
Optima-T2 Mobile Pay TV Satellite Kit

How about a fibreglass dish that'll work everywhere in Australia but folds down to half the size ?   Introducing the Optima-T2 - Minimum Space, Maximum Signal.


Here's a great way to watch your subscription pay TV channels while away in your van.  Bring along your Foxtel or Austar decoder from home and using our Optima-T2 portable satellite system, you can access all of your favourite channels like Discovery, Nat Geo, movies and more anywhere in Australia.  


You demand the best brand names when you buy your van, tyres, battery, fridge, bullbar and accessories.  Why not demand the best name in satellite TV?  Optima by SatPlus - designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia.

Satellite TV is the only solution to bad TV reception so why not purchase the ultimate trouble free system?  Compare for yourself, our system to others on the Australian market.  We've worked hard for the last three years to bring you a product that is durable and functional with leading edge design and utilising the highest quality materials never seen before in a mobile RV sat TV system.

When opened fully, the dish measures 83 x 73cm.  When packed away it is only 75cm wide by 42cm tall by 21cm wide so half  the size of any other system in Australia!


Compression moulded fibreglass dish reflectors fitted with stainless steel hinges.  3mm thick panels for the ultimate in strength and durability.  No warping out of shape or corrosion typical of cheap, imported steel dishes. 

You may read on the internet or even speak with other satellite TV companies about fibreglass satellite dishes and how "they don't work".  We find this really interesting and in some ways amusing.  Firstly, satellite dishes were originally made from fibreglass back in the mid 80's for use in hotels and pubs for receiving SKY TV.  You can still see these dishes up on the roofs or next to the beer garden in amazing condition 30 years later !  Of course, fibreglass itself won't reflect the satellite signal, that's why a reflective compound needs to be added.  Unfortunately, over the years, due to the cost of production using fibreglass, metal stamping took over and although the metal dish is inferior, it is more suitable for mass market particularly house installations.  That's not what the Optima-T2 is about though, it's about quality and suitability for harsh environments and it'll virtually last forever.  You get what you pay for in this case.  Secondly, we're clearly making inroads with these fantastic dishes and stirring the competition so that's a good thing.  


    When re-designing the Optima-T2, one of the most important factors we considered was that the dish must not have any separate parts.  No removable LNB arm, no brackets to fit, no wingnuts and definitely no tools required.  Our Optima-T2 features a fold out, telescopic LNB arm that is extended by pressing a stainless steel release button and extending the arm so the button locks into the upper locating hole.  Simple, strong and quick to setup. And, it's made from anodised aluminium so no corrosion issues when using on the beach.  Just a quick wash down with fresh water after use.

    Main shaft support tube


    Lower LNB pivot point

    Telescopic fold up LNB arm




    Getting a satellite system to work is easy.  Three settings need to be understood and the first is the rotational position of the device on the front of the dish known as the LNB.  We'll provide a detailed map of Australia showing the position of the LNB depending on your location.  Simply rotate the LNB according to our zone map.




    The second setting is the elevation.  ALL dishes supplied in Australia are made overseas and are designed for permanent mounting on a house roof.  Drop this on a tripod and call it a mobile satellite system?  Try adjusting the elevation of these crude dishes.  Not only are they inaccurate but they're also difficult to adjust and impossible to read.  The Optima-T2 features a stainless steel sliding rod mechanism that is smooth and accurate.  Locate the satellite and tighten the stainless steel knob to instantly lock the dish.  Simple and effective.  With etched, easy to read scale, you'll align in minutes maybe even seconds !



    The third setting is azimuth or direction.  Adjusting the Optima-T2 is easy.  Simply rotate the dish until signal is received then lock up the cam lever. 




    Equally as important as the functional features above is the fold in half design. This means you get all of the performance of a satellite dish measuring 83cm x 72cm when in the open position yet only 41cm tall when folded away into its padded storage bag.  With over 700 of these systems - version T1 (as of 25/01/16) in operation throughout Australia and glowing reports of signal performance in the remotest parts of WA, we're delighted to offer you Australia's most compact satellite system.

    Optima-T2 in its folded position. The LNB arm folds inside the clam shell of the dish.

    Optima-T2 and tripod packed away in padded carry bags.





    A satellite meter is used to locate the satellite and connects at the back of the dish.  We believe the satellite meter to be perhaps the most important part of the system and a digital meter is essential for quick alignment.  The 3240 meter is pre-programmed for the Optus C1/D3 satellite and will only respond to this satellite so you hit the right one everytime and ignore all of the others.  Our 3240 handheld digital satellite meter is rechargeable and super sensitive too.  So when you're moving the dish while searching for the satellite, the 3240 will slowly beep when weak satellite signal is being received then get faster as you fine tune for maximum signal.  Super easy to operate too, simply flick the slide switch on the top and the 3240 will go straight to the search screen.  As soon as you 'hit' the satellite, the meter will display SAT FOUND, showing SIGNAL QUALITY as a percentage measurement and will also beep to alert you.  Then, when fine tuned for maximum signal, simply switch it back off.  With a full charge, you can expect around 4 hours of power.  Comes complete with a power pack recharger, basic compass and instructions.  We have a sample video HERE of the 3240 meter. 

    Screenshot of startup screen

    Screenshot of satellite found screen

    Included accessories



    It's important to know which decoder you have so that we can supply the right package.  A standard pay TV decoder which cannot record will work fine with the standard inclusions in this system so no need to make any changes at all - choose the option "I have the standard pay TV decoder".

    If you have the Foxtel IQ or MyStar decoder (ability to record programs), you will require the LNB (on the end of the dish) to be upgraded to a twin output version as these decoders required two cable inputs.  As part of this upgrade, we'll include a twin 10m external coaxial cable, a twin Eziplate weatherproof entry plate and twin internal 1m coaxial cables.  Choose the option "I have the MyStar or Foxtel IQ decoder" from the option above."


    Supplied as standard, RG6 quad shield cable @ 10 metre length.  This is to connect from your satellite dish to the caravan wallplate.  Our cable is professional grade as used by pay TV installers.  Each end is fitted with weatherproof compression fittings by us.  As we also fit our dishes with a short coaxial cable used to connect the meter, we include cable joiners for when the meter has been removed.  If you've chosen the MyStar or IQ option above then a twin, siamese coaxial cable will be supplied.  This is 10 metres in length and is two cables in one.


    You'll need a way to connect that external coaxial cable in through your van wall.  The EziPlate can adjust to wall thickness up to 35mm and is a direct, no loss connection from outside to in.  You may already have something similar but unless it is a direct connection from outside to in with no joins or splitter in between then it will not work. This is now a standard inclusion and comes complete with internal 1.0m coaxial cable.

    If you've chosen the Foxtel IQ or MyStar decoder option from above, we'll include the EziPlate TWIN. You'll also get the twin 1.0m siamese internal cable too. 


    A concise TravelSat manual is included to guide you through the alignment process and we're here 40 hours per week for support if you need us.

    To summarise, you'll have your dish out on the grass and your finder connected to the dish, cables from the dish to the wallplate then from the wallplate to the pay TV decoder.  Remember to bring your power and AV cables from home and don't forget the remote control either !

    Pay TV while on the move...nobody does it better than SatPlus Australia.


    The ease of setting up the Optima can be done in minutes, simple and hassle free with full Digital signal from the VAST satellite. Even the difficult areas as The Kimberly, Southern W.A and all through the country we could find the Satellite with ease. Everywhere we found it!!!!

    Even when we are not in a remote area I set up the Optima straight away as I find it easier to set up than trying to tune in a TV antenna.

    There is no other fold in half Dish on the market that is compact simple and a complete space saver in the 4WD or camper. This will be an absolute winner once everyone knows how easy it is to set up.

    Bloody AWESOME!!!!!!


    Thanks, John & his team they really know their stuff."

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