Humax Twin Tuner HDR-1003S VAST Satellite System

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Humax Twin Tuner HDR-1003S VAST Satellite System
Humax Twin Tuner HDR-1003S VAST Satellite System

Do you suffer from poor TV reception with limited digital TV signal?  This fantastic new system may be the answer.  Get access to all of the free to air channels on the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) platform.  This kit includes a high performance 80cm dish * which is zinc and powdercoated (great coverage anywhere in Australia), 10.700GHz low noise block (LNB) which receives the reflected signal from the dish, choice of roof mount (tin, tile or wall - choose from the options), SatPlus deluxe analog satellite finder (for locating the satellite), acrylic map compass (for location of North), 15 metres of quality RG6 quad shield coaxial cable (this will connect from the dish to the VAST decoder), internal wallplate and plaster bracket, internal RG6 quad shield 2m cable, Humax twin tuner VAST decoder with built in 1TB hard drive so you can record programs while watching at the same time.  VAST smartcard is included as well as a quality HDMI cable.  Of course, we also include installation instructions to assist with the alignment and tech support if needed. As always, when you purchase from SatPlus Australia, you also get peace of mind in knowing that we offer free technical support to get your system up and running so you can enjoy FREE TV in high definition, crystal clear format and never worry about poor TV reception again.  Humax is renowned for producing the highest quality products in the world and these VAST certified set top boxes are no exception. 

*Dish design may vary from picture.

In order to access the programs below, you need to ensure that you are eligible for VAST.  To check for eligibility, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit MySwitch and type your address into the search bar then click GO.  If you can't find your address, enter your suburb then drag the little red teardrop marker close to your location then let go.
  2. Check your Satellite Eligibility (VAST) by clicking on the link down the left side of the MySwitch page.  If it states you are entitled to receive VAST then all is fine and you can go ahead and purchase this system.  If the results are that the broadcasters believe that you are in an adequate signal area, you can still go ahead and apply for VAST by filling out the application form.  When it asks for your smartcard number, just enter the number 42000000000 (9 zeros) and submit the form.  VAST will then get back to you and let you know whether you are eligible or not.  If yes, then you can go ahead and purchase this system.  Please note that travellers should use the travellers link on the MySatTV website.  The rules for eligibility do not apply to travellers as they can access the VAST service while on the road.

Our systems are professionally packed and shipped with transit insurance for peace of mind.  We use Australia Post and Startrack Express for Australia wide delivery to ANY address.  We offer a full 12 month warranty on all of our products.

For those of you living in any state other than WA, the channels available via the VAST service are:

VAST viewers will be able to receive all ABC digital television services including those from other states.

VAST viewers will be able to receive all SBS digital television services including those from other states.

Regional news feeds are also available (see channel 4 on VAST).  These news feeds are broadcast at various times throughout the evening.  This enables the viewer to catch up on local news as well as national news from the commercial and public broadcast providers.

For those of you living in WA, all of the ABC and SBS channels will be available to you also.  However, instead of receiving the commercial channels Seven Central, Imparja and Ten, you will receive Prime and Win.  See below:

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