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Setting up a caravan or motorhome for internet while travelling

So you're looking for the best internet connection for your caravan while travelling Australia?

Travelling in a caravan or motorhome in Australia is an amazing experience and these days, being connected is almost as important as being disconnected (ah the serenity of being out of touch).  Personally, we like to be able to communicate on an as need basis and it's great to be able to email friends, upload pictures, research campsites.....the list goes on.  Internet in a caravan can be challenging from an equipment point of view.  Our most viable option at the moment is enhancing the 3G / 4G signal from the nearby (or distant) mobile towers and if you're looking to go down this path then we believe we have the solution.

The problem:

  1. A lot of campsites are at sea level in low lying areas behind hills etc - the mobile signal can be quite weak in many areas.
  2. Most caravans are constructed from aluminium and/or composite panels with aluminium skin.  This effectively blocks the signal (just like a faraday cage) while inside the van.
  3. A modern mobile phone features extremely small and ineffective antennas that struggle to receive and transmit the weak signal.
  4. Using a phone as a router (hotspotting) isn't the most practical option for sharing data.  Not only does this drastically affect the battery but the phone also runs hot due to the data throughput and the load on the processor.  Also, beyond 2 users the phone becomes unuseable.

The solution:

  1. Increase the signal by mounting a high gain, high performance mobile antenna up high on your van roof where there is more chance of receiving signal.
  2. By having the antenna outside the van, you can be inside the van with no signal blockage issues.
  3. By utilising an external high gain antenna connected to an industrial router you'll be able to receive and transmit that weak data signal.
  4. Our Teltonika router solves the problem of hotspotting.  The router becomes the hub and everything connects through it.  Up to 50 users or devices can connect at one time.

The Reach 360 internet WIFI kit is easy to install and comes with everything you need to fit yourself or you can have it installed professionally.  A complete install guide booklet is included with the kit but the basics are outlined below.

Locate a position for the antenna on your roof that is clear of nearby obstructions such as satellite dishes, antennas or air conditioners.  Ideally 500mm of clearance all round.

Reach 360 RV WIFI High Gain Antenna

You'll be drilling a hole directly under the antenna into or near an overhead cupboard.  The spigot allows the twin cables to come through the roof as seen below.

Mobile Data antenna MIMO

The router is mounted on our included cable tidy bracket.

Then powered up using the included 12V lead.  Now, charge up the included Telstra SIM (or use your own) and you'll get connected where others can't  !

You can also download the installation manual from this LINK

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