The Precision is lightweight and compact.  The tripod weighs a mere 1.5KG and the dish only 4KG.  Both include stowage bags and are easily stored in the back of the 4WD or in the caravan.  

The tripod features a bubble level and the legs have peg holes and must be pegged to the ground.  
The fold down LNB arm on the front adheres to the dish with a magnet for easy setup and packing away.

Note the arrow on one leg.  Aim this leg to North and the Maxview Precision will only permit rotation within the reception zone of the satellite making it even easier to locate the signal.

The Precision dish is an all in one unit so no need for screwdrivers or spanners.  Simply drop the head unit onto the tripod mast or drawbar mast (bonus) and fold out the LNB arm.


Accurate elevation adjustment of the dish is necessary to find the satellite signal and the Precision features a unique and accurate elevation mechanism.  Fine tuning is performed by rotating the knob on the rear of the body.  


Connection from the satellite decoder to the dish is via the included NO TANGLE, NO TWIST single 10m silicon cable.  Fast fit connectors and weatherproof rubber boot.   

Finding the satellite is easy with the built in signal finder.  Pan the dish side to side and look out for the digital LED's lighting up and the high tone increasing in pitch.  Then, simply turn the sensitivity control anti-clockwise to switch off.

The Maxview Precision is a quality satellite system that will provide you with years of trouble free operation.  Call us now to find out more or add to cart and purchase through our secure website for same day shipping.  


For a limited time, we're including a BONUS drawbar mast so you can mount the dish on your A-frame (remove while driving).  The mast is 79cm long (115cm including the rear dish mount) and all you need supply is a jockey wheel clamp (call us if you require a supplier - we will be sourcing these shortly.  BONUS weatherproof wallfitting and internal 1.0m coaxial cable, 12V lead and HDMI cable.


Included as part of this package is the SatKing VAST free to air decoder.  This slimline unit measures only 220 x 180 x 47 (mm) and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.  The unit is PVR ready so is able to record direct to an external USB stick or self powered drive.  Being a single tuner, it can only record the channel it is set to.  This includes scheduled recording.  The SatKing 800 comes complete with 240V transformer but we also include a BONUS 12V cigarette lead.  Connection to your TV can be via the included AV cables or preferably using the BONUS HDMI cable for best picture quality.  The SatKing 800 comes complete with VAST smartcard and this needs to be activated in order to access all of the free to air programs.  The card is easily registered online at .  Simply click on the travellers registration and fill out the online form.  Registration is generally completed within 24 hours.  You can then take your system anywhere and enjoy perfect reception of the full range of digital programs.  Renew of the card is necessary every 6 months and only takes a minute at the same website.  No charges apply and you can renew the same card an infinite number of times.