HUMAX HDR 1003S Twin Tuner VAST Certified Set Top Box - PVR Ready

Remote Australia is renowned for fluctuating power surges, brownouts and blackouts.  Power surges can cause electronic devices with low tolerance power supplies to fail and this is very common.  Particular attention at the design phase was given to the Humax 1003S power supply knowing that these units would be used in remote areas of Australia where power levels are known to fluctuate.  This rugged design has resulted in a decoder that will last where others fail.

The Humax 1003S is a twin tuner able to record 2 programs at the same time.  Just open the door on the right side and insert the drive (if purchased as per option 2 or 3 above) into the SATA slot (must be powered down first).  The Humax HDR-1003S sports USB ports front and rear.  You can insert a USB or hard disk drive (HDD) and playback most common file types such as MPEG, AVI, MP3, DIVx and many more however you cannot record via the USB external ports, only direct to the internal SATA drive.  The Humax HDR1003S is more than a high definition satellite decoder, it's a high end media player too.  Even access the files on the hard drive via ethernet on your network. 

The Humax 1003S features a high performance Broadcom Chip - BCM7425

If connected to your home network via ethernet, you will be able to access streaming services via the TV Portal button.  With a good internet connection, you'll be able to stream ABC iView, SBS on Demand, Quickflix, YouTube and more.  You also get to navigate the menu and TV guide of the Humax 1003S using a premium quality, universal remote control that feels great in your hand. Connect seamlessly to your wireless home network using the Humax Wireless LAN stick.