ClearSat 3240 Digital Meter

Switching the unit on and getting to the alignment screen is easy as we've programmed it to go straight to the essential signal measuring menu so it's as simple as switching on with the ON/OFF sliding switch on the top of the unit and you're ready to go. 

Thinking of purchasing a Satlink meter or similar with built in TV screen ? (we also stock these but rarely sell them).  Be cautious as most of these models will not lock on to the VAST MPEG 4 DVB-S2 transponder streams.  Instead, they are programmed for Foxtel frequencies running on standard definition.  We predicted that the Christian TV broadcasters on Optus D2 would change over to the more efficient MPEG 4 DVB-S2 standard two years ago and stopped supplying standard definition decoders for that service.  Instead we supplied MPEG4 decoders even though they weren't required at the time.  Now, two years later, many services have converted to MPEG 4 DVB-S2 and we are pleased to say that all of our customers are happy ones!  Foxtel will do the same and when they do, only meters like the 3240 will work.  Future proof yourself with this ClearSat 3240 satellite meter now. 

In the digital era, we are measuring zero's and one's. This is called a data stream and picture has nothing to do with a digital data stream.  It's all about reducing the amount of errors present in the digital stream and we do this by looking at SIGNAL QUALITY, BER (amount of bit errors or lost data) and signal to noise ratio (SNR).  These are the important measurements.  Digital TV picture can be perfect but then the weather changes and the picture starts breaking up (pixelating).  That's because the dish wasn't aligned correctly and not enough focus was on the signal quality and the signal to noise ratio.  This sounds complex but it's not. In layman's terms, turn the meter on, hit the satellite, peak up the dish for maximum signal QUALITY so the higher the number the more robust the digital signal becomes....simple.  The beeper also gets faster too.

The buzzer and backlight can be turned off if required. 

When connected to your dish, the ClearSat 3240 will remain silent with a 0% indication on the signal quality bar.  As you get closer the 3240 will start to beep slowly and show a low signal reading (even when very little signal is being detected).  The beeping will become more rapid and the percentage will increase.  Aim to get as much signal quality as possible.  Then connect your cable from the van direct to the dish and you know with confidence, everything will work.