August SatPlus Updates

August SatPlus Updates

Hi all,

Just got back from the Maryborough Caravan Show (Fraser Coast Expo) and what a well organised show it was.  Australian Events did a great job of co-ordinating a COVID safe event and everyone did the right thing with social distancing.  What a crazy world we live in !   Next show is at Cleveland on the 18th~20th September so come see us there as we expect to have the family of Maxview satellite TV systems there on show - the Precision portable ground dish, the Crank Up roof mounted dish and the Maxview Connect App controlled auto roof mounted dish.

Lots of interest in lithium batteries at the show as always.  Many campers are moving away from the heavy AGM batteries and swapping over to lithium.  Lots of questions at the show, particularly about parallel connecting two lithium batteries together.  These batteries (like most on the market) have an inbuilt monitoring system that keeps the internal cell packs in balance.  Balancing occurs within each battery but not from battery to battery so it is likely that when 2 x lithium BMS batteries are connected in parallel, within 2 - 3 months they will be out of balance (ie one battery will measure a slightly different voltage to the other and this can represent a considerable state of charge difference.  I suggest if you already have 2 x AGM / lead acid batteries of around 100 - 120 AH rating and you are looking to change over to lithium, opt for a single lithium battery ie 200AH or 240AH and avoid the cell balancing issues.  Yes, it is true that you will only have 100Amps available at any one time via the BMS but this far outweighs the possible problems you may encounter otherwise.  If you must (or prefer) to have 2 x batteries then disconnect them every three months and recharge them individually.  Otherwise install an isolation switching setup so you can isolate each battery and charge individually.  

We've been receiving a lot of calls lately regarding Sphere satellite dishes not locking on to the satellite and spinning around.  When searching for the satellite, be sure to use the Optus C1 setting instead of Optus D3.  So, for example, if you're on the East coast of Australia, power the control box on, press SEARCH and while it is flashing, press SEARCH repeatedly until you see the Optus C1 Zone 1 option.  If you have selected this option and your system still fails to log on, you may require a software update - contact COAST RV in Sydney on 02 9645 7600.

Improving your mobile data signal in a caravan is a super hot topic and we'll be testing the Maxview Roam 3G 4G WIFI booster very shortly.  They have received fantastic reviews in Britain and Europe so we expect them to work well in rural and remote parts of Australia too so look out for our report in the next blog.

Over and out....John

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