Optima-T2 Product Release

Posted on January 27, 2016 by SatPlus Australia | 2 comments

The Optima-T2 fold in half mobile satellite dish is now complete and ready for sale.  The T2 design improves on a few key points:

  • Better, sleeker rear bracket with no removable parts to assemble each time
  • Improved elevation mechanism that is easy to adjust and accurate
  • All aluminium and stainless steel parts
  • Wingnuts now replaced with locking cam lever

Visit this LINK for more information on this exciting new release.


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John @ SatPlus
John @ SatPlus

April 17, 2016

Hello Del, yes the only item requiring installation is the weatherproof wallfitting and this is easy to install. If you’re nervous about drilling a small hole through the side of the van then let me know and I can possibly locate an installer for you.

Del Henderson
Del Henderson

April 13, 2016

Is this system able to be installed by us or do we need tv technician

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