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TravelSat Premium Mobile VAST FTA Satellite TV Kit

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Product Description

TV reception (or lack of) is the reason you're looking at this page right now.  You're either a seasoned traveller, or you've just bought a new van and are keen to explore Australia.  Either way, you're obviously aware of the difficulties in receiving TV using a traditional TV antenna on a caravan.  There are several reasons why reception is so unpredictable:

  • Caravan TV antennas (no matter what the brand) are built to be compact while travelling and although compact might be a good thing when it comes to deckchairs, it's not so good when we're talking TV reception.  In many cases, SIZE DOES MATTER.   So the downside to portability is performance.  More elements means more GAIN and more gain means more signal...simple.
  • Most travellers are in low lying areas such as the coast and when it comes to antennas, HEIGHT matters.  Low lying areas are not as easily serviced by TV signal transmitters.
  • TV transmitters and repeater towers are designed intentionally to cover a geographic area.  Broadcasters don't want to waste power trying to get their signal out beyond the populated areas.  Again, travellers are at a distinct disadvantage as most of the better campsites and caravan parks are out of town and are not easily serviced by these towers.  The caravan park owners may be OK as they have a whopping great antenna on their roof up at 10 feet high.  How do you think your little disk or single element winegard on the top of your van roof will go?  Not good...
  • Interference.  That signal that's sent out is prone to all kinds of interference.  electrical, impulse noise from local electrical equipment or external power sources, climatic conditions, terrain, low signal to the antenna, too much gain at the local amplifier, poor quality TV cabling...the list goes on.

Welcome to the world of satellite TV.  You can forget about all of the above as none of it applies! Align your dish to the satellite (which happens to be a transmitter up in space) and watch PERFECT TV pictures ANYWHERE in Australia.  With the right equipment and instructions, you'll find satellite TV easy and you'll NEVER go back to a TV antenna again.  You've heard stories of satellite TV being difficult?  You've spoke to people that are ready to throw the dish in the nearest creek?  Let me tell you why...poor equipment that is more suited to permanent fixing on a house not in a mobile van, little or no instructional guides to assist with the alignment process and no or little tech support if needed.  With an easy to use, robust satellite dish, professional alignment meter and a good manual, ANYONE can enjoy the benefits that only satellite TV can offer.  So what makes our TravelSat Premium kit different to most others?  Lets take a closer look ) - NOT TO SCALE

TravelSat Premium Satellite Dish

SF3239 satellite meter

Coaxial Cable Kit

Eziplate caravan wall fitting

Satking DVBS-800CA VAST Decoder

Satellite compass, pegs, joiners

Satellite instruction manual



Now you can watch your favourite free to air programs using the most compact portable satellite TV system on the market.  For a comprehesive VAST guide to channels and what it's all about, click HERE. The SatPlus Portable VAST Kit is supplied with a 75cm dish.  The 75cm version will give good  all round coverage. This kit comes complete with:

  • 75cm zinc coated portable dish.  The dish features a removable satellite LNB arm for easy packing up.
  • Heavy duty, durable tripod.  This unit folds away neatly to a small 60cm x 20cm package.
  • LNB - this is the device that is fixed on the end of the satellite dish and receives the reflected signal.  We have these engraved with numerical values as it need to be in the right position depending on where you are in the country (charts supplied)
  • Digital satellite finder.  The SF3239 is programmed fot the Optus C1 satellite and will only beep and display signal quality when you locate the correct satellite.  No more guesswork.  The best on the market by a country mile!
  • Quality cable.  The best quality cable as used by Austar.  This approved cable has a thick centre conductor to minimise loss and with its 4 shielded layers, minimises interference as well.  We supply as standard: 1 x 15m cable with F connectors (used when a longer cable run is required to clear the trees), 1 x 6m cable with F connectors (the most commonly used cable in most situations) and 1 x 1.5m cable to connect internally from the decoder to the wallplate.
  • Eziplate.  It's the easiest weatherproof wallplate to fit.  Simply locate the satellite decoder in your preferred location, drill a 13mm hole straight through the wall (checking for cables of course prior to drilling), push the EziPlate through from the inside and fit the rubber and stainless washers, nut and silicon weatherproof cap.  Done in 5 minutes.
  • Satellite decoder - Now included with this system is the SatKing 800CA VAST CERTIFIED 12/240V decoder with included VAST smartcard.  This unit measures a mere 200mm across the front and will fit in a small cupboard or shelf in the van.  The SatKing 800CA is also PVR enabled meaning you can record direct to a USB drive or external hard drive (not included).  A 240 V transformer is included so you can run it direct from a 240V outlet.  We also have available a HEAVY DUTY CIGARETTE LEAD so you can run it direct from a 12V socket (this is included).  Also available is our IR sensor.  This sensor enables you to be able to install the SatKing 800CA in a closed cupboard and with the IR sensor plugged in, control all functions of the decoder by pointing the remote control at the sensor....a great feature.
  • Quality compass.  This is used to locate the general direction to the satellite.  Liquid filled and aluminium body.
  • Instructions and tech support.  Well laid out, clear and concise, easy to follow.  Armed with the right gear, the right instructions and support if required from the best guys in the business, you can't go wrong.
  • Padded dish bags are now available to suit this system (additional cost).  Please select from the option above.

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Product Reviews

  1. Novices

    Posted by Peter on 13th Aug 2014

    We went to look and see what it was all about. Loved the shop organized chaos,my style of place. They could not be more helpful. Given a FULLdemonstation of setting up. With hands on setting. I would highly recommend them as sellers. You get no bull shit just straight fact, and demonstratable fact. Would I by again,you betcha at the drop of a hat.

  2. A1 Service and products

    Posted by Jon (New South Wales) on 22nd Feb 2012

    It's so refreshing to receive such great and friendly service. John listened to what I needed from a satellite system for my new caravan. There was no hard sell and it was delivered in 48 hours. I've dabbled in satellite tv for years and I wish it was as easy to set up then as it was today - thanks to the comprehensive instructions and pre-programmed sat finder. The quality of the dish, tripod, receiver and sat finder are excellent. If you need sat tv advice and equipment then look no further.

  3. Satellite dish purchased yesterday (26/10/11)

    Posted by Garry on 27th Oct 2011

    John & Staff
    Thank you for your helpful service and advice yesterday.
    I assembled the dish last night and registered the card on-line.
    This morning we are watching TV at Wivenhoe Dam campsite - all very simple once I worked out in daylight that north is the red end of the needle not the silver end I could see in the dark last night. Less than one minute to find the satellite with the finder.
    I haven't installed the wall plate yet but the long cable is working fine for the moment.
    Thanks again - another happy customer!!
    Garry & Carol (surname withheld)

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